10 Reasons to Join Think Local First

1. Invest in Where You Live

  • When you buy from locally owned businesses, your hard-earned dollars stay local.

2. Protect Local Character

  • Help preserve Santa Cruz’s unique flavor, diversity and stunning natural gems.

3. Support Local Business Owners

  • Local business owners are invested in the well-being and future of Santa Cruz.

4. Help the Environment – Think Green!

  • Small businesses have smaller environmental footprints. Think less commuting, pollution, sprawl and more habitat protection and sustainable transportation.

5. Shopping Local Creates Jobs

  • Small, local businesses are the largest employers nationally and account for the vast majority of job growth.

6. Local Decision Making

  • Important political decisions are made by people who live and work here.

7. You Matter More

  • Local businesses respond to their customers and care about your needs and values.

8. Encourage Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship shines in Santa Cruz and is a way to spend more quality time locally and provide sustainable employment.

9. Get Better Service

  • Local business owners have a deeper understanding of the products they are selling and take time to serve their customers.

10. Support Community Groups

  • Nonprofits receive a substantially larger amount of funds from local business owners than they do from non-locally owned businesses.
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